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Game Test Engineering, Development, User Research, Customer Service Work Smart, Game Harder

We combine technical know-how and gamer thought process to transform the industry’s perception of how video games are tested. With our world-class partners, we're ensuring the polished quality of hundreds of video games through intelligent methodologies, advanced technology, and professional gamers. #EXPERISGAMES

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Technical Know-How

We use the latest gaming hardware and peripherals, and stay on the forefront of engineering and development methods including telemetry and analytics, code instrumentation in games, and automation.

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Creative Coverage

Efficiency, adaptability, teamwork, and critical thinking are found in abundance in games. We pair the creative gamer thought process with technical aptitude for great results.

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Game Industry Careers

We’re completing incredible work in less time and offering work-life balance because of it. Stay with us for an exciting and fun career in the video game industry.

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Scalable Game Testing Solutions

Our testing solutions cover a full range of testing needs. We partner with existing test teams to take on some of the peak workload, provide test engineering and guidance to low cost offshore test teams, or fully outsource entire test planning and execution for games and entertainment software. Use our hashtag, #experisgames, to contact us via social media!