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Combat AI Designer

343 is looking for a Combat AI Designer to join us in building compelling combat with a focus on AI-controlled enemies and vehicles. The ideal candidate possesses a strong understanding of current AI Design, a proven record of collaborating and communicating cross-discipline, and has experience building and tuning challenging encounters. A Designer in this role can expect to work on all gameplay areas of Halo AI, including enemies, friendlies, non-combatants, pre- and post-combat AI, as well as vehicle AI.

• Work closely with other AI Designers to create compelling AI combatants.
• Ensure that all other disciplines working on characters have the clear design goals they will need to perform their work.
• Seek out input and ideas from other disciplines and teams to ensure that all character needs are met across all game modes.
• Prototype systems and new characters quickly with script and proxy assets to prove out all-new gameplay.
• Work closely with Engineers to build new gameplay features for use in AI systems and on new characters.
• Work closely with Sandbox and Campaign Designers to make the core gameplay loop shine in shipping encounters.
• Take systems and characters from prototype through production, final tuning and shipping.
• Work with User Research to verify that the player experience of characters and AI systems is clear, fun and supports different levels of skill.
• Gather feedback from playtests to inform tuning and iteration.

Qualifications & Skills:
• 3+ years relevant game development experience.
• 1+ shipped AAA title or equivalent experience.
• Ability to demonstrate analysis of combat AI in at least one Halo game, and discuss strengths and weaknesses.
• Passion for creative enemy design through compelling AI combatants.
• Scripting experience (Lua a plus).
• Familiarity with game engines/tools Unreal, Frostbite, Unity etc).
• Excellent communication skills, particularly in communicating design needs and goals across disciplines.
• Experience in successfully pitching ideas, strategic initiatives, and game concepts to peers and leads.
• React positively to design critiques, and turn feedback into stronger designs through iteration.
• Positive, self-starting attitude.

To apply for this position, please mail us with your resume (In .txt, .doc, .docx, or .pdf format) and cover letter at Let us know the location and position you’re applying for in your e-mail.