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Gameplay Designer

343 is looking for a passionate designer that can contribute and implement exciting gameplay moments into campaign. Responsibilities include paper map designs, laying out gameplay spaces, gameplay scripting, setting up combat encounters and scripting unique events. This person will work directly with the campaign and design leads to ensure both gameplay and level design goals are met. They will also work with artists, programmers, and producers to ensure content is built at the highest quality within a scheduled milestone. This is an amazing opportunity to work closely with a passionate team of game developers and help create the next exciting Halo campaign.

• Build campaign moments from inception through production under the guidance of the Lead Gameplay Designer
• Script gameplay moments such as combat encounters, narrative events, and logic puzzles
• Write re-useable, readable script that can be handed off to any other designer
• Work closely with engineers to develop and maintain script functionality
• Play test and iterate on level content to ensure highest quality.
• Highly motivated and contributes to a positive working environment

Qualifications & Skills:
• 3+ years working as a designer on a first person/third person title
• Proficient in using a text based scripting language (C#, LUA, UnityScript, etc.)
• Deep understanding of gameplay and level design theories and practices
• Ability to receive and understand gameplay criticisms and learn from failures
• Proficient in using game editing software such as Unreal, Unity, Frostbite, etc.
• Excellent writing and communication skills
• A love for narrative based games and shooters in general

To apply for this position, please mail us with your resume (In .txt, .doc, .docx, or .pdf format) and cover letter at Let us know the location and position you’re applying for in your e-mail.