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Multiplayer Content Designer

343 Industries is looking for a talented and passionate Multiplayer Content Designer to help design and implement gameplay content for our next Halo shooter multiplayer and Forge experience.

• Work with Multiplayer leads to understand design vision and goals.
• Assisting and supporting game mode/system development through scripting and object setup.
• Build, prep, and manage Forge gameplay content.
• Attend and actively participate in multiplayer brainstorms and playtests.
• Implement gameplay and environment one off events.
• Work with production and leads to prioritize specifics of features.
• Collect feedback from leads and team members on implemented content and systems.
• Maintain design documentation for owned work, when applicable.
• Communicate and coordinate across several teams within the studio.
• Fix multiplayer bugs.

Qualifications & Skills:
• 1+ years of professional game development experience.
• Strong scripting or code skills (C, LUA, and/or others).
• Familiarity designing, building, and tuning custom content in a game engine (Unreal, Unity, etc.).
• Prior experience problem solving and debugging game design issues.
• Excellent communication (written and verbal), interpersonal, and organizational skills.
• Career drive in design and game development; especially multiplayer.
• Desire to consistently deliver high-quality work and results.

Preferred Skills:
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
• Systems and/or level design experience.
• An interest in the shooter genre.
• Strong understanding of Halo multiplayer, modes, systems, and sandbox.
• Multiplayer Spartan Rank of 50+ in Halo 5: Guardians.

To apply for this position, please mail us with your resume (In .txt, .doc, .docx, or .pdf format) and cover letter at Let us know the location and position you’re applying for in your e-mail.